About me

My name is Richard and I like taking photos of nature. I like to share them on this website. Here is an article about me that appeared in the August 2013 edition of New Directions: Crystal Run Village, Inc. Newsletter.

“A lifetime of success” by Christine Gillisslee, Program Manager, Corbett

A Lifetime of SuccessIn 2010, “My Personal Passport”, an interactive person centered tool, was introduced to the gentlemen residing at Corbett Road. While the passport may have been initially daunting to the DSP’s (Direct Support Professional), the men fully embraced the idea. Richard Bywater, a gentleman who has had many life changes over the 23 years he has spent at CRV was one of the first individuals at the house to understand the function of the passport and the opportunities it could afford him. While Richard acknowledged photography as a hobby he absolutely enjoyed, he never identified, prior to the passport process, pursuing it as a full-time interest. Those of us who know Richard had no idea that photography was a hobby he would become so involved in. Embracing the passport concept has opened up a new world of interest as well as opportunities for Richard in the world of photography. Because we asked the right questions, we were able to assist him in his pursuit.

This has opened up a new valued outcome for Richard as well as a new perspective on his life. Richard purchases a newspaper each week and, along with Yanell Miller, DSP, cuts out coupons for craft stores. These coupons have assisted Richard in purchasing frames and matting so that he can showcase his photographs and give them as gifts to friends and family members. Yanell and Richard spend Sunday afternoons looking up articles from the paper and discussing them so that Richard can be more involved in current events. Yanell also goes with Richard when he purchases his frames and matting which has given them an opportunity to share this interest. Richard has assisted Tom Tango in photographing the renovations to Open Vista when they moved to their new location and more recently photographed the construction progress at Fostertown Road. Richard is proud of the success his photography has afforded him and the chance to share his unique creativity with others. Through the passport process he was able to identity a hobby that has become such a significant part of his life and has lead to all kinds of new opportunities, which to him is an extremely valued outcome. Richard is now determined to have a lifetime of success thanks to New Directions… New Lives initiative which implemented “My Personal Passport” and in turn has opened up new doors and given him a voice through his art.